AND I am back!!


So I have been traveling around taking photos and working on my Masters Degree. My goal now is to be here a lil more than never. I have seriously had a hard time since the election, grappling with the world and what the fuck is going on! Stayed tuned because this might get good.


Grad school is no joke

Wow I have been busy! I would like to start this up again. My micro management has been out of control but hey school is expensive. It is now the holiday season which brings red cups and wonderful brews. I tend to indulge in both as much as time allows. 

Well looks like spring is finally here

Yay warm weather and new beginnings feeling the coldness of winter burn away in this fabulous sunshine. Can’t wait to start fresh in life cabin fever hit hard this winter and I lost some good friends. Time to move on and move up in the world. Better brighter futures lie ahead I still am sad for losing people I loved but it’s all in growing and learning.  


Lost in translation 

Hey hey hey busy doing everything on the planet but blogging. I really have no idea where I am going in this blog or in this life. I do know from now on this blog may not be about Flint but about me just cruising around taking photos and writing stuff. So if you want to stick around for that. I am leaving in a few days for a NC and SC mountain trip. I will be documenting and writing the heck out of my travels.