Lost in translation 

Hey hey hey busy doing everything on the planet but blogging. I really have no idea where I am going in this blog or in this life. I do know from now on this blog may not be about Flint but about me just cruising around taking photos and writing stuff. So if you want to stick around for that. I am leaving in a few days for a NC and SC mountain trip. I will be documenting and writing the heck out of my travels.  



black and white NYC amatuer style

Hello loves!!! my blog posts have been missing but I have been traveling, organizing and working on a novel. I recently went on a fabulous trip to Boston and NYC for my nephews eleventh birthday. I may have to gloat a bit. He is amazing! So needless to say I spent some awesome quality time with one of the coolest, funniest and smartest eleven year olds on the planet.

I ate fabulous food, drank fabulous drinks and spent a lot of time snapping photos. My sister is one of the most impressive people in the world and like me a supreme scheduler. So without further ado!

Here is my less wordy more imagery post on NYC black and white amatuer style: