Central Michigan

I randomly decided to pay a visit to my friend Rachel at Central Michigan University. I am currently sitting in the living room of her dorm listening to dorm life quietly awaken on a Saturday morning.

I arrived yesterday evening and we went to a play. A Skull in Connemara  at the Theater-on-the-side on Central’s campus. It was a delightful Irish story. The actors did a pretty good job on their dialects. I may be a wee bit spoiled after spending so much time in Boston enjoying Irish accents. All in all they did a great job.

Now to get some coffee and continue my weekend of theatre adventure back down state to The Whiting in Flint to see Dracula. 

What a beautiful day for an adventure.


I am back

Wow it feels likes I haven’t posted in forever. Sorry about the delay. I have contracted the mid-winter cold from hell. It’s been a week and a half of stuffy, runny, sleepy and headachey. But I did manage to adventure for a couple of hours last weekend to the Snowfest in Frankenmuth, MI. For those unsure of this magical place it is located just north of Flint and home to famous fried chicken and the world’s  largest Christmas store, Bronner’s.

So in my dilapidated sickness I headed north. I arrived on Saturday at about 10:30 am. I was sure I would find parking so I opted to skip the shuttle service from Bronner’s christmas store and find my own spot. Yes I am a wee bit stubborn. I drove many circles in the small downtown before ending up at Heritage park. After crossing the length of the park and scaling an icy hill I was at the famous covered bridge. 246

Such a beautiful bridge and I finally got to drive across it. Amazing  little downtown filled with wonderful shopping. Fudge, cheese, cuckoo clocks and tantalizing finds everywhere. I have been to Frankenmuth many times but this was my first Snowfest. They were celebrating 25 years of Snowfest and the turnout was incredible. 250

There were people everywhere and snow and ice sculptures a plenty. Such talented people and art converging into this winter fantasy was purely breathtaking.

I walked around a bit and then stumbled upon the Lager Mill. Did someone say lager? I was in for a visit. It was a beer store and museum. I was totally impressed at the craft and micro brew selection as well as the meads and ciders. It has been around for about five years and it will definitely be a stop whenever I head there again. I was looking for a snack and a pint though so I was now on a quest. 266

I knew there was a brewery in the vicinity. Google can be a lifesaver especially when you are craving a lovely pint. Yes Frankenmuth Brewing Co. Perfect. I got in the car and parked a half mile north. There was a quite intense wait but me on my solo travel snagged a seat at the bar decided on the porter and a bowl of beer cheese soup. I was not disappointed. It was the perfect remedy for the chill in the air and me nursing my cold.293

All in all a wonderful successful adventure in Frankenmuth. I do love travels and adventures even when I am slightly under the weather. Until next time. Cheers!!!